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The objective of the Mississippi Pecan Growers Association is to encourage and assist in the growing of pecans in Mississippi.

There are no records of when the Mississippi Pecan Growers Association was founded.  It was prior to the early 1970s.  Back in those days pecan orchards dotted the landscape from Biloxi to Memphis and from Vicksburg to Meridian.  Today the MPGA is an organization of about 50 members that work to promote the pecan industry in Mississippi , the pecan belt and the world.

The MPGA has long partnered with the Mississippi State University Extension Service and the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station to provide the best, most up to date educational tools to help ensure success for Mississippi pecan growers.

The Mississippi Pecan Growers Association is a voting member of the National Pecan Growers Council. This is a grower organization of associations across our nation’s pecan belt. This national organization formed a group to promote pecans worldwide… U. S. Pecans. Check out their site to learn more about this extremely successful organization at uspecans.org.

This worldwide education/marketing effort has increased the demand for pecans dramatically. New pecan plantings across the pecan belt are happening at ever increasing rate. However, studies have shown that renovation of old orchards is more economically feasible.

Do you own a few pecan trees in Mississippi?  There are a lot of you throughout our state. We really try to focus on and help these small growers.

Or do you have a huge orchard and aren’t quite sure what to do? We can help you also!

Here are some options:

  • Why not consider becoming a member of our organization? Click on “JOIN NOW!” (look to the upper left under the Become a Member section) for a membership application.
  • You can check our Pecan Blog page to see if Eric has answered your question. Or contact him.
  • You can also ask one of our members. Here are our officers and board members:

Max Draughn – President
Raymond, MS

Chuck Freeman – Secretary/Treasurer
Summit, MS

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